Because every small company is full of wild rides.

And, sometimes, when it ain’t no big thing, it’s everything.

Whether your a startup or operating your own business, the smallest challenges can cause the most disruption, too often turning opportunity into disaster.

Nano Rodeo tames these challenges quickly, so that you can carry on, growing and profiting in the face of adversity.
What’s more, we do it all as part of your team, we’re white-labeled space cowboys with an addiction to winning.
The Bucking Stops Here!
Contract with us and the wild ride gets smoother, immediately. Your problems become our problems, and get solved pronto.

Actionable Analysis

Tactical, and strategic analysis for overnight decision support

Rapid Integration & Automation

Connect your digital assets and put technology to work for you today

Team Presence

Need one of our pros as a stand-in for a crucial meeting, security, or a project? We’re you

Rapid Application Development

Prototype and deploy software in days not months

Overnight Site Creation

Instant digital upgrades to your communications stack

90 Minute Press

Need a print or digital ad immediately? Need PR NOW? we can accomodate you

IP Asset Identification & Rapid Patenting

Be patent pending tomorrow, and awarded in less than 12 months

Rapid Veracity Analysis

Know who your dealing with, what makes them tick

Systemic Support

Once we acccomplish a mission, we leave systems and tools in place, so you remain independant

We can have experts on-task in minutes. We can help you build turn-key companies overnight. We can ensure that you’re talking to the right people at the right time. We can save you millions. How do we know? Because we’ve done it. Consistently.

We are all founders, entrepreneurs, and conscientious investors with multiple startups under our belts. We’ve built networks of expertise that extend across public and private sectors and we have a history of beating the competition to the punch. Our principals are awarded professionals and polymaths with patents in A.I., Software, Behavior-metrics, Security, Materials Science, Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Communications.

Our operational AORs include analysis, software development, communications, security, intellectual asset protection, and team augmentation.

What projects can we talk about?

None – At least not until you've signed our mutual NDA. That said, as a whole we’ve helped some of the world’s most respectable entities through tough times and crisis situations. We've enabled others with foundational technology. Technical horsepower that allowed them to literally build their business from the ground, up.

Recently, we provided executive leadership and breakthrough technology to a company, resulting in an initial $2M Investment and a valuation of $145M after two years (verified 409a) of engagement. We’ve cultivated countless talented and trusted contacts over a quarter of a century – people we can rely on to get done what needs done.

The bottom line? We can get the job done – done fast, done right.

Tell us how we can help.

Tell us how we can help you out of your sticky situation or pitch us your project. If we have the resources present, and the deal is right, we can get going immediately.

Make no mistake, this ain't Fiverr. Nobody's messing about here. We're not cheap, but we're damn sure worth it.
Got it! Let's get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

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